How ParkXL Works

ParkXL offers RESERVED PARKING for short/long term…with ALL the Benefits of Reserved Parking.

With ParkXL, book parking spots that are closest to your desired location…..

Then, drive to your RESERVED parking space. 

Once booked, that space is YOURS for for balance of time listed by space owner.  Check out, then space is available for another.

List your vehicles – view map for available spaces in your desired destination.  Book space.  Drive to your RESERVED Spot.

For Space/Lot ownersList space(s) – Set terms, Schedule and Price.……then post to parking map on ParkXL App. Rent your Driveway / Vacant Lot / Commercial Lot / Boat Dock / RV space and More….Make $$$

Any Vehicle – Any Location

ParkXL will work with any Vehicle in any Location.

Cars, Vans, Pick-up Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, RV’s, Campers, Boats, Airplanes and MORE !

Spaces that have NEVER been Available can now be Available with ParkXL.     

Private Driveway – Church Lot – Commercial Lot – Vacant Lot

Boat Dock in private or public lake, river, or waterway.

 Space RV / Camper in a private field near an event, lake, etc.

Book a deck chair on a Cruise Ship or a beach chair, oceanfront, at a resort,….

or even a bar stool at your favorite bar for that BIG Game……… ParkXL is LIMITLESS.

Rent YOUR Parking Space

ParkXL offers property owners opportunity to rent an available space at their own terms.   

Make $$$ Renting your available space……. and choose your own price, schedule and terms. 

 Rent your driveway while you’re at work.

 Rent your boat dock for other boats at your price, terms., and schedule. 

Rent a portion of your land (lot) for daily use for RV’, Campers, or Semi-Trucks. 

 Rent your Church parking lot spaces during times with no Church services. 

Rent your office parking lot spaces after your work closes.

Rent your Bar stools, Beach chairs, Deck chairs………….and Much More !

ParkXL is EASY to USE !

ParkXL is Easy to use.

…and your purchases are Safe and Secure

We process all online payments through STRIPE…used by Millions.

We connect 2 people together……..

… individual who owns a parking space…

with an individual who needs a space to park

Download ParkXL FREE in your app store.

ParkXL has AWESOME Features !

ParkXL is designed for ease of use for those who are looking for a space to park, AND those who own a parking space.

Available Parking Space
An available Parking Space is indicated by the BLUE “P with Red center.  This is our ParkXL Logo.  This means that the space is available NOW!
OCCUPIED Parking Space
The GREEN “P” with Yellow Center indicates that a space is Currently OCCUPIED.  This is an active space that is currently rented and may be available Soon…… keep an eye on it!
FUTURE Parking Space
The RED “P” with Blue center indicates a space that is Not Currently Available, but may be available soon.  Keep an eye on this space as it may be available at time that works for you.

MULTIPLE Parking Locations
As you view our ParkXL Parking Map in your area, each “P” may represent MULTIPLE locations, such as a Parking Lots, Church Lots, etc.  When you choose a “P” on the map,  the multiple locations will then show up if available.  If there are 40 available locations in a lot, the BLUE/red “P” will show BLUE/red until ALL 40 locations are rented.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember the meaning of the 3 different color parking indicator logos.  No Worries !!  In the upper right hand corner of the ParkXL parking map, we’ve included an explanation of each graphic.
FIND your Space
Once you’ve selected a parking location for your vehicle, you can choose to find directions to that exact location… makes it real EASY to park with ParkXL.

ParkXL Icons

Below shows our primary 3 ParkXL icons.  It’s important to understand the meaning of each “P“.  But, if you forget, the explanation is on our parking map that you will view when searching for a location to park.  Please scroll over each of the 3 ParkXL icons below and click to view the explanations of each icon.

ParkXL App Screenshots

designed for all users

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ParkXL offers the Same benefits as RESERVED PARKING where a parking violator can be Towed at vehicle owners expense.  With ParkXL, you book a parking space from home or anywhere, and drive to your RESERVED Space.  If someone is in your RESERVED space, the owner agrees to refund your parking fee and the Violator can be towed at the request of the space owner.


ParkXL offers Parking for ALL Vehicles

ParkXL creates MILLIONS of new Parking Spaces for all Vehicles.  Imagine being able to now park in a private driveway around the corner from your favorite Restaurant.  Imagine being able to park your boat on a private lake, previously having no access to the public. Imagine using your Church parking lot for extra income when not in use by church members. Imagine millions of new spaces available to park your RV or Camper around this beautiful country.  Imagine millions of new spaces available to park during special events, near the ocean, busy cities, parks, …………and sooooo much MORE It’s Here with ParkXL !

ParkXL – So MANY Choices!

Park ANY vehicle with ParkXL.

Below will show some examples of the MANY parking opportunities available with ParkXL.

Reserve Beach Chairs with ParkXL

April 29, 2019

Reserve Beach Chairs with ParkXL

With ParkXL, now there is a app that can be used to rent beach chairs. No more fighting over beach chairs! Imagine sitting in your room… view the chairs available on your ParkXL app…..then Reserve. You will Reserve the chair that you want from your room, and know that you’ll have that chair ready for you.

Motorcycle Parking with ParkXL

February 11, 2019

Motorcycle Parking with ParkXL

Motorcycle parking is EASY with ParkXL. Book on ParkXL and drive your cycle to your RESERVED parking space.

ParkXL offers a lot owner an easy solution to manage Motorcycle Parking. and since a cycle uses less space, a space owner can often offer more parking spaces in a smaller location.

Boat Parking with ParkXL

August 17, 2018

Boat Parking with ParkXL

With ParkXL an owner of a Boat Dock can now park many other boats at their dock, and make Extra $$.   This opens a space for a needed boater and generates extra income for the Dock owner.
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