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With ParkXL an owner of a Boat Dock can now park many other boats at their dock, and make Extra $$.   This opens a space for a needed boater and generates extra income for the Dock owner.
In many areas, parking a boat…….even a small boat, could easily cost $300.00 per month………or more.   An owner of a dock can now choose to rent part of their dock..or All.   This could create several available spaces, generate Thousands for the Dock owner, AND open up a needed space for a Boat owner.                                                                                                       Everybody WINS !!

With ParkXL, the Dock Owner can choose the size of the boats that they will allow to park at their docks, and the Boat Owner will only see dock spaces that allow his boat size.   Example:  Some Dock owners may only allow boats to 22 ft. in length at a given spot on their dock.   The Dock Owner chooses the price, available times, and terms.  (Example: In the Terms, the Dock owner may explain how to exit his property……right side, left side, gate, whatever.   The Boat owner may choose to park their boat, exit the property, call a ride share service, and drive to nice lunch.)

The Dock owner can choose to rent their space by the Hour, Day, Week, Month or whatever.   It’s up the the owner.  The spaces should be numbered as shown on the photo and a sign should be used indicating that these are RESERVED spaces for ParkXL members ONLY.