ParkXL FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page are ParkXL Frequently Asked Questions and Support.  If you do not see an answer to your question, send us a note and we’ll add it to this page………… Thanks !

ParkXL allows you to find parking for any type of vehicle from you home, office…..or Anywhere.  You book parking from your location and drive to your RESERVED parking Space.  No more driving around in circles looking for a space to park.  ParkXL is the GREEN parking App, as Millions of gallons of gas will now be saved by avoiding the Miles that one now drives circling an area to find a parking location.   Also, once you have secured a parking space on ParkXL, you can stay and renew that location for the duration of that day or period.  EXAMPLE:  If a parking space is available from 9am until 6pm, you could check in at 1pm and continue to renew until the end of the period at 6pm.

ParkXL allows the owner of ANY parking space a way to make extra income using their property OR as a SMART way to manage their parking lots.  Most often in busy areas, a driver will have to circle an area………often for a LONG time, in an effort to locate a parking space near a desired location.  By listing your space on ParkXL, potential parking customers will see your available space on ParkXL, book that space from their location, and drive to a space that you have RESERVED for them.   NO MORE driving around and around looking for a space, and the space owner will stay BOOKED 50% more ($$) as the space is Re-Booked on ParkXL IMMEDIATELY after the current vehicle has checked out.

The space owner does not have to wait for another customer to drive around, find their space, pull into the space, get out of the vehicle and pay cash or credit.   ALL that time is wasted money for the property owner and lost time and gas money for the individual looking for a space to park.  In a busy area, the owner can keep their space booked 100% of the available time……..with no loss of time ($$) while a driver drives around,  pulls in, checks in, pays, etc.

With ParkXL, as with every other parking space, the price for a space to park is chosen by the owner and should be based on market value.  If a parking space is priced too high, many won’t use it………, most spaces should be priced to attract a parking customer.

ParkXL charges individual owners of a limited number of parking spaces a fee of 15%.  Example: On a parking fee of $5.00, the fee would be 75 cents.  Owners of large lots with many spaces may be charged a smaller percentage based on parking volume.

Each owner will list the hourly schedule for the availability of their parking space_{s).  One of the GREAT features about ParkXL is that you can stay in your parking space for the duration listed by the space owner.  Example:  If a space is available from 8am until 5pm,  you could check in at 10:00am and stay in that space until the end time of 5pm.  You will be notified each hour, but if you do not exit the space and Check Out, the space will continue to renew each hour until the end time listed.  Don’t Forget !…you MUST check out when exiting the parking space to show availability for the next parking customer.  You Must check out during the last hour listed as available by the space owner.

Short answer: YES.

Another GREAT feature with ParkXL is that you can come and go as often as you like during the time you have your parking space Reserved.  As with RESERVED PARKING, that space is Reserved for YOU during that time and nobody should park in your space as it is marked on the parking map as OCCUPIED (with our GREEN/yellow icon).  Example:  You reserve a space in front of a restaurant at 5pm., but when entering you find that there will be a 1 hour wait.  As long as you continue to reserve that space, you can come and go as you please.  The parking map will show your space as OCCUPIED and nobody else can rent that space at the time that you are there.  Try that with a Parking Meter…..good luck!

As with RESERVED PARKING, you should expect the space that you rent to be Vacant when you arrive.  It’s Rare, but sometimes people park illegally in a Reserved Parking space.  As with RESERVED PARKING, the violator can be Towed at their Expense, so most people will not take that chance……..BUT, IF that does happen to you, ParkXL has a feature on your Parking Receipt …SOMEONE IS IN MY SPACE.  Click on this box and follow the instructions to photograph the back of the vehicle in your space, and forward to the owner…..very easy.  The Space Owner will receive your photo and your request for a refund.  The space owner has agreed to refund any parker that has sent this proof.  You should receive a full refund in just a few days.  Obviously, this would be an inconvenience to you, but this is a way to get a refund.  The Space Owner wants to keep you happy……you’re his customer.  The owner will be very disappointed as he now has lost his space rental from you, and he now has an issue with an illegal parker that may block them from additional income in that space until that vehicle is removed.  They will appreciate that you made a claim for a refund as this will help them manage their parking space business……..whether it is one space or 100.

You MUST Check Out on the ParkXL app when you exit your rented parking space.

The ParkXL parking map shows AVAILABLE spaces with the BLUE/Red “P” icon.  Once the space is rented, the “P” icon changes colors to GREEN/yellow which indicates that a space is OCCUPIED.  The space that you rent will continue to show as OCCUPIED until you check out.  Nobody can rent that space while is shows as Occupied by you.  The app is set up to remind you 15 minutes before each hour, or period.  You are also notified by email that you’ve rented a space.  And, your Checked-In receipt is clearly visible on the ParkXL app.   If you do not check out, that space will continue to show as rented by you.  You would then be responsible to pay for the balance of that period as long as you continue to be Checked In, plus an additional 2 hours.  At that time, your charges will not continue.  ParkXL will remind you with notifications, but you MUST Check Out on the app when you EXIT the parking space. When you Check Out, you will not be charged for the next segment and the space will immediately show as Available on the parking app (if the schedule allows).