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ParkXL opens up MILLIONS of NEW potential camping spaces for RV’s,  Camping Trailers, Tent Camping and MORE!Everybody knows that there are Thousands of official RV Campgrounds around the world, but if you’ve ever owned a RV or Camper, you KNOW that it is often IMPOSSIBLE to find a spot to camp………..especially during season.   If you’re traveling in Florida……….. GOOD LUCK trying to find a spot to camp during season!

With ParkXL, now Owners of private or commercial property can offer spaces to park on their land………for One RV……or Hundreds, if they have the space.   If you own a large lot near a popular location, you can choose to rent a portion of your lot for RV Parking.   This could generate $20.00 to $50.00 per Night……..and more.   AND, just as important, offer a space for an individual that would like to camp, but can NOT find a space to park their RV / Camper.   It would not be necessary to offer utilities such as Water and Sewer hook-ups, as most RV/Campers have their own limited supply of water, sewer storage and often a generator.   Of course, if a Lot Owner were to offer utilities, that space would be more valuable.   Imagine the MILLIONS of beautiful new Camping locations that may soon be available with ParkXL.